Senior Events Coming Up Soon

Katie Cantu, Staff Writer

Attention Falcon seniors! To all who have all 100 points from fundraising, powderpuff or other events, the time has almost arrived for the senior events week.

Save the date for May 19 and May 22-26 which holds the events for seniors who qualify. May 19 is the senior send off/ casino night where dinner will be provided and raffle prizes will be offered. 

Senior class sponsor Mr. Corona detailed some of the items being raffled.

“We will be raffling off dorm room essentials, such as mini refrigerators, little microwaves, bicycles, laptops and of the sort that will come in handy throughout college,” Corona said. 

May 22 will be at the Gladys Porter Zoo where students will meet at around 10 AM. 

“The reason we chose the zoo was because it was probably the first field trip we took as kids and now it would be our last,” Corona said. 

May 23 will be the lunch-in at Texas Roadhouse. Seniors who earned their 100 points will meet at the Brownsville Roadhouse at 11 AM with friends to have a yee-haw time. 

The elementary walk is also around the corner. On May 24, after the cap and gown panoramic pictures, buses will send you off to your elementary of choice. This is for all seniors who would like to participate in making your way down the halls you grew up in. Lastly, the last day of the school year is decision day which is a special event for seniors as they walk the halls for one last time. It is recommended that all seniors who have a college they are attending wear their college shirt on Decision Day, May 25.

Seniors, let’s make the last of our falcon days the most memorable.