Citizens Dealing With Job Losses During The Pandemic

Gabriella Guzman , Staff Writer

” When I first lost my job due to covid 19 my family and I struggled quite a bit, but now I’ve got a new job which doesn’t pay the same, but it’s the best I can do for me and my family.” a 36-year-old anonymous citizen from Los Fresnos, Texas stated.

The  36 yr old male worked in a chemical plant in Corpus Cristi when he went jobless due to increasing cases of Covid 19. He was permanently laid off due to safety precautions since covid 19 had begun spreading at this time. ” I’m not as comfortable as before, it was hard for me to find a new job, and I have a family of 6 who I have to feed, it’s never easy losing a job.” He states.  After finding a new job nearly 6 months later in September, he now works for Lyft.

As the coronavirus Began Mid March, 20.6 million people have gone jobless. The U.S. unemployment rate stood at 13% in May 2020. The rate declined to 7.9 percent in September according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

” I was completely jobless, I depended on the Stimulus.” States 36-year-old male. Mid-April the government sent out the first batch of Stimulus checks, Many families depended on the government’s help, but it is still unknown whether citizens will continue to receive the help.

” Sometimes it’s hard to manage my bills, one thing that has been helping my family are free food drives.” stated the local citizen . Are you and your family still struggling? Some resources to help you and your family include looking into food drives in your area, and a website that will help you find jobs in your local city: