Hybrid or Online School, What Would You Choose?

Faith Guzman, Staff Writer

        This 2020-2021 school year students had the choice to choose between taking online school at home or hybrid school which is attending campus part time. Online classes use virtual programs like Zoom or Google Meets. Hybrid school is the process of mixing up virtual and face to face classes. We talked to some students to get their opinion on what they prefer, and each of them have their own unique opinions on doing school during this hard time.

 Michelle Herevia, and Anahi Ceballos, both freshmen at Los Fresnos United, talked about their experiences while doing school.  “I chose online school because at the moment I thought it was a good idea to stay home and to work on my assignments alone,” Michelle stated. The other student chose to do the hybrid option. “I thought it was going to be easier”, said Anahi.

When asked if they have ever regretted their decision they both said some very interesting and insightful information. “Yes, because I don’t wake up for my classes and I feel like if I am in a traditional classroom, I will concentrate better, ” Michelle stated.

When asked what is something that affects you while doing school during these hard times? “We cannot get in close contact with each other even though I am doing hybrid learning” Anahi stated. Even though she does face to face contact with her peers, she has to be cautious and stay six feet away from other students to prevent spreading the virus.

Doing school and staying safe are both very hard things to manage, here is a link that will tell you all about taking precautions while doing school and staying safe from coronavirus.