Falcon Athletics Using An Unexpected Route To Success

Damian Salazar, Staff Writer

Many sports programs have had to adapt to the global pandemic. Los Fresnos High School is one of those programs. They have transitioned to online workouts through zoom. Although it has been difficult for both coaches and student-athletes they are trying their hardest to stay motivated and keep Los Fresnos Athletics at a high level.

For Example, both the boy’s baseball and wrestling teams workout together on the same zoom call while the coaches give them instructions and tell them what workouts they are doing on that specific day. Some days it is the upper body other days they work on the lower body. If the student does well on their workouts they improve on their skills. This is very limited because students have to use what they have at home, but the coaches try their hardest to get their athletes ready for their seasons.

“The workouts are good, we as a team are trying our hardest and we see the coaches trying their hardest as well. It just gives us motivation and hope that we will have a season. We all wish we could be together doing these workouts but we make the most with what is given to us” Jacob Sandoval (baseball program player) stated.  Although there have been some major step backs for Los Fresnos’s sports programs they have adapted well and are hoping to improve day by day to compete at a highest level.