Falcon Cheerleading Team

Alexus Hernandez, Staff Writer

Los Fresnos cheerleaders practice for Friday nights football game. (Franchesca Perales)

When people think of cheerleading they automatically think of school spirit, but there is so much more to that like hardworking practices, being physically fit, and spreading positivity. Practices are an essential part of bettering the team’s routines, stunts, and cheers. Typically practices last from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., depending on which sports season is happening at the time determines how long and what the cheer team practices. For example, currently, it is football season so the cheer team practices sidelines, the traditional welcoming cheers, and the alma mater. During football season cheerleaders also begin practicing for their competition, which is practiced throughout the year. To get prepared for competition cheerleaders begin practicing early in the year to perfect skills and routines. Since cheerleaders practice throughout the year and get the routine faultless they’ve obtained many awards like 2017 and 2018 Pride Division Champions, 2019 UCA Large Varsity Coed Division 3rd place among others, etc.

Now with covid-19 affecting this year’s cheer season, cheerleaders have had less time to get prepared for this year. Just recently at the beginning of October, cheerleaders were able to schedule and attend practices in person after school. Not only has covid-19 affected the cheer team by giving them less time to prepare for the incoming year but also caused virtual tryouts, possibly not having a competition season, and a difference in football games. This year was the first year cheer team tryouts were held virtually due to social distancing and the rising number of covid-19 cases in the valley. Cheerleaders who wanted to try out had to submit a video of a dance, a cheer, and a jump that was asked for. The judges would then view the tryout videos and determine who made the cheerleading team. Now with this year’s cheerleading team, they’ve attended their first football game of the year on October 23. Typically the bleachers would be filled with Falcon fans especially the loudest and largest student section,  but this year wasn’t the same.  There weren’t as many spectators due to people being limited in the stadium; Meaning there were fewer people for the cheerleaders to interact with at the game. Another way covid-19 might affect cheerleaders is by taking away their chance of having a competition season. Many cheerleaders look forward to competition because they get to bond, travel, and meet other cheerleaders from other states across the U.S. It is still unsure as of right now if cheerleaders will be going to the competition this year, but they will begin practices to be prepared.