To Space and Beyond

Crew members working on SpaceX Starship vehicle. (Photo by Austin Barnard). Click on picture to view photographers Twitter account.

For years, humans have been trying to figure out a way to get to deep space.As technology advances, we are one step closer day by day.

The project, which is being built at Boca Chica Beach Village, is named “Starship.”Right now SN8 or prototype 8 is under testing. SpaceX Starship spacecraft and Super Heavy Rocket is the next generation spacecraft that will get people and payloads to distant destinations such as the moon and Mars, launch satellites to orbit and perform all of the company’s other spaceflight needs. Starship will be the most powerful launch system ever created.The entire system will be fully reusable cutting down on material and cost of space travel.

History of the Boca Chica Launch Site

In September 2014, SpaceX conducted a groundbreaking ceremony on the new launch facility. The first tracking antenna was installed in August 2016 and the first propellant tank arrived in 2018. Late September 2018, the site saw rapid growth and construction on the first prototype test vehicle, Starhopper, which was flown throughout spring 2018. In February 2019, SpaceX affirmed that the main orbit-capable competent of Starship and Super Heavy test articles would be fabricated close by at the SpaceX South Texas construct site. By September 2019, the facility had been totally changed into a rocket assembly office. Staff personnel were working numerous hours and over five days per week in order to keep up with large rocket ground and flight testing. As of November 2019 the SpaceX South Texas Launch Site team has been working on another platform for its Starship/Super Heavy rocket; the previous dispatch site has been changed to a gathering site for the Starship rocket.

Model of Raptor engine.(Model by Kimi Talvitie)Click on picture to view photographers Twitter account.

Components of Starship

  • Super Heavy Rocket Booster
  • Starship vehicle

The first stage of the system is the Super Heavy Rocket Booster, which is needed to escape Earth’s deep gravity well, will be powered by 28 raptor engines. The Starship vehicle will be powered by 6 Raptor engines after it departs from the first stage.The second stage will carry crew and cargo into space.Starship will also have the ability to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere and land on a designated landing pad.

The Future

Starship SN8 has arrived at the launch site for a test campaign full of first for SpaceX prototype vehicle. SN8 will be tested and lunched with three Raptor engines on a test flight to 50,000 feet(15km or 9.4 miles).This vehicle is the first of many that will test the launch, return, and landing capability ahead of the push to next years orbit.SpaceX plans to have the testing done before the new year.