Students Driving to School by 10th Grade a Controversial Topic

Ana Mejia, Staff Writer

In LFCISD, students are able to have permits by sophomore year. Of course there are limits and curfews, but many parents may feel like it’s not safe for their children to drive and be out on the road so easily and at such a young age.

On the other hand, some people would prefer their children to be taught how to drive at an earlier age because it can be very useful and important. For a better perspective, most school districts in the United States teach students how to drive in their junior or senior years of high school. Since many people have different opinions on this matter, I asked many people to share their thoughts and how they feel about this topic.

“I feel like a lot of things have changed in school districts that were seen as weird at first,” said John Danielson, an art teacher at Los Fresnos United. “Just like those other changes, I’m sure people will adjust to them and be more accepting of the idea.”

Former LFHS Teacher Craig Price shared how he started driving at an early age.

“I think it’s great that kids are learning how to drive as sophomores,” Price said. “It’s important for them to gain the necessary skills and experience at a young age. For example, I started getting lessons at home from my dad, practicing driving when I was around the same age as these sophomores.”

Some students agreed with that perspective.

“I believe that high school students should learn how to drive early on.” stated Leeann Jimenez, a freshman at Los Fresnos United. “It’s a really valuable life skill and lesson that can be useful later on in life.”

Although a majority of these opinions are positive and encourage young people to learn how to drive, just like any controversial topic there are some people who don’t exactly agree with these statements.

“Personally, I’m not sure if high school students should be learning how to drive before their junior year,” freshman Robert Ramirez said. “It can be extremely dangerous and they may not have the maturity needed to handle certain situations on the road, such as heavy traffic.” 

Teacher Martin Lopez believes more experience would be beneficial to the students.

“I think it’s better for high school students to wait until they’re older to learn how to do things like driving,” Lopez said. “After all, there is a reason that many school choose to teach students driving when they’re in their junior year. That way they will be more responsible and better equipped to handle the challenges of the road.”

In the end, it is reasonable that society is filled with different opinions on this matter; however, no matter the age people learn how to drive, it can be extremely crucial and beneficial.