Tips for Cutting Down on Technology

Betty Guerrero, Staff Writer

Many people, myself included, would rather stay inside and on my phone, however, creating the habit of being on technology while being indoors majority of the time can cause many health effects. Our bodies can face consequences of being indoors too much, like weakening our immune system due to the lack of bacteria outdoors, and can lead to a variety of mental health issues such as anxiety.  

For example, our eyes can suffer direct concequences from being on our phones/technology indoors consistently. Being indoors already weakens our immune systems because we are not being exposed to sunlight, vitamin D. Technology can hold people’s attention for long periods of time, and as result, being on our phones can create an abundant amount of blue light produced by your devices and can cause long term damage to your eyes.

As a student, our computer is the only device we can do our homework on after the pandemic, so being technology free is not an option. A simple way to fix a high exposure to blue light is to take breaks in between assignments and limit using the computer and study by incorporating paper in your schoolwork. Another way to guarantee a limited amount of blue light exposure is to put all technology away two hours before you go to sleep. This way you won’t be in front of the computer soaking up all of the blue light and lose vision as the time goes on. 

Technology can be addicting, however we cannot allow ourselves to stay glued to our phones and computers at the high risk of being exposed to blue light which have negative health effects. When we are most likely indoors on our technology, the health effects double and can lead to various conditions. The best option to remain healthy is to try to limit the use of technology.