Summertime Requires a Good Playlist

Elianne Tolosa, Staff Writer

Summertime has finally arrived! Summer is full of beach days and picnics at the park. The perfect addition to the warmth of the summer sun is the perfect songs to sing.

Summer music has a wide range from high, happy, upbeat songs to calm, rhythmic music. 

“Summer songs should be uplifting and provide a sense of freedom,” Giovanni Pizano said. 

Junior Annasofiha Garcia shared what makes a good summer song to her.

“The lyrics have to be cheerful and bubbly,” Garcia said.

Other students questioned stated that they felt summer songs should make one feel more at peace with their vacation and give off good vibes.

“The memories made during hearing summer songs are what makes them so great,” Joseph Garcia said. 

Here is a summer playlist full of the favorite summer songs of some of our LFHS students.

  1. Sun and Moon- Anees
  2.  Alright- Supergrass
  3. Summer – Calvin Harris
  4. Time of our lives -Pitbull
  5. Sleeping on the floor- The Lumineers
  6.  Hey Ya- Outkast
  7. Passionfruit- Drake
  8. Die Young- Kesha
  9. Lay all your love on me- Mamma Mia
  10. Together- For King and Country
  11. Dogtooth -Tyler the Creator
  12. Island in the Sun- Weezer
  13. Cruel Summer- Taylor Swift
  14. Sheesh- Surfaces and Tai Verdes
  15. This Charming Man- The Smiths
  16. California Girls – The Beach Boys
  17. I thought you wanted to dance- Tyler the Creator 
  18. Rose-Colored Glasses- Miley Cyrus
  19. Feels- Pharrell Williams
  20. Deja Vu- Olivia Rodrigo
  21. Summertime Sadness- Lana Del Rey
  22. Summertime in Paris- Jaden
  23. Watermelon Sugar- Harry Styles
  24. Cake by the Ocean- DNCE
  25. Malibu- Miley Cyrus