LF Public Library Starts Teen Reading Program

Katie Cantu, Staff Writer

From learning new skills to collaborative working, the Ethel L Whipple Memorial Library in Los Fresnos has started their first Teen Scape Program.

The Teen Scape Program is for all teens ages 13-17 and is run by Iris Garcia, the coordinator of programming for the children and teen programs as well as for the events in the Children’s Department at Ethel L Whipple Memorial Library. The program started during the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year and was held after school hours for all students near or around the library.

“Teen-Scape is a program at the Library that aims to provide a safe space for teens to have fun, be creative, connect with other teens, and fuel their passions in and outside the library,” Garcia said. 

The outcome of the first year was described as rewarding in the eyes of both the teens that attended and Garcia herself.

“It has been truly rewarding to see an idea come into fruition, ” Garcia said. “I loved getting to know the teens, seeing their participation and excitement when we would introduce them to something new, and how they started to bond with each other.”

It is to be expected for the program to continue for the next school year for another round of fun, new friends and cherishing memories. Garcia continues to hope for the best for this program she has worked so hard achieving. 

“I look forward to seeing this program grow in number and for the library to become a place that teens seek for special events and programming that target their interests,” Garcia said.  

Garcia shared some special words from the Teen Scape Program directed towards all teens ages 13-17.

“I want everyone to come by and visit the Library,” Garcia said. “It has more to offer than just books. Sign up for Teen-Scape. We want to see the program grow and have more teens in September.”