Los Fresnos Senior Recaps High School Career

Jaeda Sanchez, Staff Writer

I am finally in my last year of high school, and of my childhood really. I owe so much to Los Fresnos for helping me build my interests and most of my personality. Throughout the years I have changed not only as a person but my future occupation has shifted from one to another. 

Many things have happened since freshman year. Mentally and emotionally I’ve been on a rollercoaster, my mindset has drastically changed over the course of four years.

Two weeks left and I’ve been feeling different things, mostly worried that I won’t be able to see the people I’ve been seeing for years. I’m going to college at UTRGV, so I’ll still be here but I’ll be too busy to hang out. I’m definitely grateful for everything I experienced through High School and middle school, even the bad things. If it weren’t for the bad things I wouldn’t have learned from my mistakes and learned what is best for me. Because of school, I learned how to communicate better and I figured out what kind of person I am around others. Not only is this good for me personally but for my future when I’m around people I work with and such. I met people that have taught me important things without them even speaking to me, I see the way some students live their life and I learn about what’s best for me and what I deserve. Others have taught me that no matter how separated we are, we’ll always have the connection when we see each other. I’ve had many friendships come and go, but at the end of the day, I’ll get to see all these students grow up and move on like me. 

I can’t leave this school without saying thank you to all my teachers that have educated me in so many ways. Mrs. Lopez has not only taught me more about my liking to art but sometimes strict people will come into your life but it’s up to you how the relationship is set from there. I definitely give Mr. Hernandez the credit for opening my eyes into a much broader selection of interest in regards to art. As a graphic design teacher he taught me all the things I needed to know and how to do them, but as a friend he made me realize that there are so many interesting things to look forward to in life. Because of him I feel excited for the future and I’m open to try new things. I know I wont see them after graduation and that sucks but the memories I have will never leave. Teachers dedicate their lives to teaching us what they know and students don’t always give them that appreciation they deserve. At first I had always wanted to be a veterinarian or some sort of cat animal care giver, but since I’ve been told I’m good at art I’ve given in to graphic design, it’s easy for me and I enjoy it. For that I thank Mrs. Castillo, a former teacher at Los Fresnos, and I thank Mr. Hernandez. I also want to thank Mr. Bush, Mrs. Gonzales, Mr. Martinez, Mrs. Vargas Mr. Gonzales and Mr. Zamora for making my school year so easy. The way they teach gave me the peace I needed dealing with my more harder classes. For most students, things like that fly over their heads but for me, I couldn’t be more grateful. 

Since Freshman year, like everyone else, I was immature and didn’t know anything about how relationships worked, but as the years went by I learned little things from every relationship and I learned to be grateful for the bad ones. Throughout my life I know I’m going to come across many bad situations but now that I know what I’ve been through I can get by much easier. I know how I should be treated by others and vice versa. Freshman year was a new beginning for me and it seemed so big at the time but now that I’m at my final days, I can say that this is so much more than the beginning. All the things I learned are finally going to be put to the test. I’m graduating and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. All the struggles that I went through in and out of school make me look back and realize how strong and smart I am and how hard I worked for this. I know that my younger self would be so proud of me. I know my family is as well and I thank them for pushing me to be the best I can. Some people complain how strict their parents and teachers are, but for me, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have tried or put any effort into anything, for that I am also thankful to God. I wish I could give back to all those great people. My teachers, friends, family and all the nice people I’ve met down the road, I won’t see most of them but I also won’t forget. I am excited, scared, confident, saddened, and relieved about graduating, but most of all I am proud, not just of me but everyone who will walk the line with me.