Senior Reflects on Time at LF

Alexa Sanchez, Staff Writer

My high school career has sadly come to an end. Los Fresnos High School will always be a big part of my life even if I don’t attend the school anymore. I never thought that this day would come so fast the day that I leave this school, my last final day as a senior and high school student here at LFHS.

I literally grew up in this school, this was the place where I found who I was, what I wanted to be when I grew up , this was the place that I found my friends and this is the place where I felt more at home. I was able to be myself without being judged. I learned alot from LFHS in a good way and lots of people might think differently but I really did like this school. LFHS wasn’t just a place to learn a school subject, but it was a place where you had a big family that would always be stuck by your side. And like what LFHS says “ what we do here shapes the world “ and they are completely right, what we all do inside the school walls shapes us into who we are and to become a better person and to go after our dreams that’s what Los Fresnos High School has taught me in the past four years.

It doesn’t even feel really that in a matter of days I will no longer attend LFHS and that I will be graduating high school, and going into a new chapter of my life. When people would tell me that high school flies by a blink of an eye, I really didn’t think it would but it did go by so fast. It literally feels like yesterday I was just a freshman in high school going to my 1st period class all nervous. Now I have grown up to be a more social, confident, smart and self-assured person. I am proud of the person that I have become and I know that my freshman self would also be proud of who I have become and all the achievements I have gotten and that I am still going for more achievements. I have achieved so much in these past four years of my life. From getting certifications to academic awards to graduating and getting into a university.  I know that I still have so many amazing achievements that I will be going after and achieving. 

It honestly hasn’t really hit me that I am a senior and graduating in literally a few days. Which if you ask me is crazy! How fast time went by. I know that by the end of this week it will hit me that I will no longer be able to see my friends every day, see my amazing teachers or be able to walk to my classes with my friends. I am honestly going to miss Los Fresnos High School. I learned so much and sadly I have to leave but that doesn’t mean all the amazing memories I made will disappear. I will always cherish the memories I made within the school walls. There are some other things I will miss like in the cafeteria when it’s winter season and Mr. Stumbaugh would play Christmas music. It was just so nice and festive to hear Christmas music during lunch or even on random days he would just play music and I know for a fact that the students enjoyed listening to it while they ate. It was exciting. I am also going to miss having 5 minutes walking to class, trying to rush to class to not get a tardy slip and sadly to say I was or actually I am to this day a slow walker so I would  make it into class right when the tardy bell would ring just in time.

I also want to give credit to Ms. Mendoza for being such an amazing teacher but for believing in me and in her students. She is the reason that I got more interested in the filming industry, the way she taught us and she is always believing in me and motivating me to go after my dreams if that’s in photography or in the filming industry. Her class was the place where I fell more in love with filming and every time I would enter her class I was so eager to learn something new. I will for sure miss her and the class because the students in that class were not just classmates but a family.  

Los Fresnos High School was a big part of my life and I will always remember, cherish these amazing memories I made in this school. I am happy, sad, excited and nervous to close this chapter of my life and start on a new chapter of my life. But I learned everything I know from the best school district and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without any of my amazing teachers I have had. I will forever be grateful and I will miss Los Fresnos High School.