Seniors Reflect on Their Team at LF

Jaeda Sanchez, Staff Writer

So many things happen in places we spend most of our time in, and Los Fresnos High School is one of those places. Students go through different emotions, experiences, relationships and trials. This school does their best to make students experience more than just learning and work.

Through the years students create friendships between other students as well as the teachers. It’s only a matter of time till the students graduate and leave this school to start their new lives. I wanted to ask some students what they’ll miss most about Los Fresnos seeing as they only have a few weeks left of school entirely. 

Most students are definitely going to miss their friends no doubt. Once school is over students may have to go away for college or whatever they plan to pursue. With this in mind it’s possible that they may never see their friends again. 

Alexa Sanchez tells us about her plan and how it may affect her friendships.

“After graduation I plan to go to college in San Antonio,” Sanchez said.  “I’m going to miss seeing my friends everyday, having only five minutes to walk to class, the experience of being a teenager. Id have to be more mature and maybe not be able to make friends like I used to”

“I never thought about it but now that I see it, all of my classes are in the same building and it’s easy for me to get to class but in college the campus is much bigger, so I’m sure in the future I’d miss how easy it was to get around,” Kassy Salas said.

Other students are grateful for more than just relationships, some mentioned how the school provides for their students in ways they may not experience anywhere else in the future. 

“I will miss seeing my friends everyday, and having free food,” Jessica Galvan said. “I don’t think I’ll be able to get free food like this anywhere else.” 

Christopher De La Rosa will miss two specific people. 

“I guess I’m gonna miss seeing my girlfriend everyday and I’m definitely gonna miss all the chill teachers like Bush.,” De La Rosa said. 

This campus will always be the start of our futures, and a place where we built friendships and memories. It’s good to know that so many students are leaving with good thoughts and things to look back on. We take a lot of things for granted and don’t realize the things happening in front of us so it’s important to stop and think about how much Los Fresnos has done for us. It’s only a matter of time before we graduate and will have to say goodbye to a big part of our lives as well as the people we’ve grown to love.