Local Spots Near SPI to Visit This Summer

Noemi Cruz, Staff Writer

Summer is only a few weeks away and South Padre Island is calling everyone’s names. 

The island is a beloved vacation spot for not only tourists, but locals as well. We have the pleasure of living only a few minutes away from the island full of fun. Many shops, restaurants, and other local businesses thrive during this season. Here are just a few places that you can visit this summer:

Lighthouse Square: This small market square around the Lighthouse is located in Port Isabel right before the causeway. The most known attraction is obviously the lighthouse which people can visit anytime of the day. This historical building is surrounded by small shops with local vendors and restaurants. Small shops, such as Tesori, sell clothes, jewelry, and other souvenirs. Davey Jones Locker is a small ice cream shop located behind the lighthouse.

The Original Dolphin Watch: This touring business on 1 Padre Boulevard offers boat tours along SPI. Visitors can see dolphins, sea slugs, stingrays, jellyfish, and even sharks. Snorkeling trips are also offered. 

Mahi Nic: This small outdoor restaurant is located on State Park Road 100 near Sea Ranch. It is known for its namesake, Mahi Mahi. The tropical fish is served in the form of a sandwich or in tacos. The menu also includes shrimp tacos, hot dogs, and burgers. The outdoor seating gives customers a view of the docks and water beyond.