What Sport Suits You?

Betty Guerrero, Staff Writer

If you are interested in joining a sport here at Los Fresnos, you may find it difficult with all of the sports programs we have to offer. Some sports will be easy or hard for you depending on your strengths and weaknesses. Whether you have physical strength or are very smart on a court, you want to join a sport that suits you best. 

A quick overview of the athletic programs at LF are divided into categories; pool, court, mat, turf, weight room, or track. When choosing a sport, you have to know where it takes place and start the elimination process. For example, if you are positive you do not want to get in the water, then swimming and diving will not be on your list anymore. 

The next step is to evaluate your strength, speed, and agility. Some people have great strength but lack speed, so a sport they should try is powerlifting. If you have speed and endurance, running cross country or track is a great option as well as swimming. Many mainstream sports like football, baseball, softball, soccer, and basketball require a little bit more than physical aspects and more mental smarts to develop strategies to win a game. As soon as you find out where you fit out where you are on that spectrum, the faster you can find out what sport suits you best.

Once you have discovered what part of the sports spectrum you are, then it is time to eliminate sports you do not want to do just to get an idea of what direction you want to go in and what sport you want to join. Take into consideration its physical and mental ability, you should join a sport that suits your strengths and weaknesses, it is your decision if you want to join a sport.