Theatre Class Gives Students the Opportunity to Express Themselves

Katie Cantu, Staff Writer

The art of Theatre at Los Fresnos High School is a representation of beauty and creativity. Mr. Daniel Cranick has been the Theatre Arts Director at LFHS for four years prior to teaching English at LFU for six years. Being in his class not only includes pursuing the job as an actor but also to become a technical director. 

“Most people think that Theatre is all about acting; however, one of the first things I learned as a Theatre major was that 90% of students want to be actors and only 10% want to do tech,” Cranick said. “Unfortunately, only 10% of Theatre jobs are for actors and 90% are in tech.”

It is still a creative environment that allows one to escape from your world, your worries and your stresses, which Mr. Cranick calls his safe space. 

“It allows people to appreciate the human experiences that so many never take the time to admire,” Cranick said. 

For example, the two man show called “Tuesday with Morrie”- based off the novel – by Mitch Albomwhich is Mr. Cranicks favorite play. The play shows love and relationship as a priority rather than all unnecessary stresses life gives. This is just one of many stories of Theatre expressions that shares an in depth message most people need to hear.

“Every person on this planet lives a life as intricate and complex as yours, and Theatre gives us that cathartic experience to view the world from another lens,” Cranick said.

Any student from Los Fresnos High School or United, has the opportunity to express themselves through performance in front of a live audience, behind the scenes or even by watching from the stands.