Falcons Looking Forward to Prom

Alexa Sanchez, Staff Writer

Prom is something that the juniors and seniors look forward to attending. Los Fresnos High School every year has a prom for the juniors and seniors, with this year’s date on May 6 at the Amigoland Events Center.  To prepare for such a big event the school has fundraisers to raise money and that money goes to prom.

Every year the prom is held in a party salon. There is a theme to the dance, there is food, dancing, music, pictures, etc. It’s a very nice night to spend time with your friends and dance and this dance for seniors is more meaningful because this is their last high school dance and one of the last moments the whole class of 2023 will be together before we graduate. 

Prom might be a fun dance to attend to but there’s a lot that goes into it in order for the dance to be possible to make. Lots of work goes into the planning of the prom. To make sure the students will enjoy and have a fun memorable night.  Usually every school has a class sponsor to be able to help out the class to have fundraisers , plan formals, student events, etc. The class sponsors are the ones that get the final say on what’s going to happen for any type of school/class event before they go and tell the principal about it.

Hollywood is this year’s prom theme, with the Falcons ready to show off their best celebrity looks. 

“Our prom theme this year is ‘Hollywood’ and when I think of that theme I think of a red carpet kind of theme for outfits on how celebrities dress for the red carpet,” senior Sahatya Castillo said. “I think this year’s theme is nice and elegant.” 

Senior Alex Perez has been planning his outfit for months.

“I was thinking of wearing a all black suit with like a nice gold chain necklace something fashionable, I feel like would look good with the theme and would like nice in the pictures,” Perez said.

The planning of Prom is a long process. The school starts planning for prom at the beginning of the school year to make sure they are able to get everything they need within time. Because other schools are also starting to plan their proms around the same time, dates and venues are taken up fast. Lots of money, work, time and dedication goes into planning and making this dance possible.

At LFHS the junior class is in charge of planning the prom and they decide the theme and decorations for the dance. They do all the decision making for the prom because this dance is mainly for the seniors. It is like their goodbye dance, their last final dance all together as a class. And the juniors get to attend the dance because they are the ones that helped plan for it.

Junior Juana Sordia hopes the seniors enjoy their final high school prom.

“The junior class has very busy planning out the prom, it’s something that is important to the students and we want to make sure we plan it to where they can enjoy it and have fun, ” Sordia said.