Future Graduates Discuss Their Post-Graduation Plans

Jaeda Sanchez, Staff Writer

Los Fresnos holds a variety of students, each with different interests and goals. Our education system is dedicated to getting students to figure out who they are and the things they like. School has one of the biggest influences on kids, as they spend most of their lives in it, and they are provided with different classes that they can take to see what they enjoy most. For example sports, law, art, graphic design, welding, swimming, culinary arts, government, animal science, and so forth. Many of these classes are what inspire kids to know what they want when they’re older, and in just a few months the seniors here in Los Fresnos will be taking a big step forward to the rest of their lives as an adult.

Without even having to ask, we know that a majority of the students are flooded with mixed emotions about the future, not knowing if your career goals will be successful, not being able to make enough money to make it through in a year, not knowing what to expect, and some may not even know what they want to do at all. For years students are expected to build up a plan for their future, some may know what they want to be since elementary and others wait till the last minute. The stress can be overwhelming for those whose plans change and can’t be figured out.

Los Fresnos has given a variety of options for students to feel influenced and motivated and in other cases they just aren’t convinced enough to pursue futures suggested to them.There are so many different things one can do in life and school is one of the biggest places to discover what you’re most passionate about.

Senior Alexa Sanchez is one of the few students who is already set on her future plans. 

“My goal is to graduate college with a bachelor’s degree in business and to eventually own my own business in photography,” Sanchez said.

Christopher de la Rosa is grateful that Los Fresnos has led him on the path to know what he wants to do after graduating. 

 “After I graduate I want to go to college for welding because Los Fresnos has guided me to pursue it,” De La Rosa said.

Sometimes students are inspired by loved ones like Joey Silvia.

“My mom is a nurse and she encourages me to pursue the Medical Field,” Silvia said. “This has been my plan since 9th grade.”

Many things can inspire a student to figure out what they want, but not all plans work out in the end. Paola Saldivar is prepared if her first choice doesn’t happen. 

“I plan to become an ER technician, and if that doesn’t work out I would like to be a Neuroscientist,” Saldivar said. 

Jeremiah Mendoza also has a backup plan.

“I plan to go to college for business and journalism but if not I’ll move to Miami to train for professional wrestling,” Mendoza said.

In other instances, some students still have yet to figure out what they want to do after graduation.

“I wanna go to college and take my two years of basics to find out what I wanna do,” senior Aaron Cavazos said.  

Jacob Treviño is also undecided on post-graduation plans.

“I’m probably just gonna keep skateboarding and get a job maybe as a pizza delivery boy,” Treviño said. “It might not make me that much but side money would be nice.”

Adulthood is one of the biggest steps in life and no matter what these Falcons do, they cannot avoid it. Graduation is approaching soon, which means sooner or later they’re going to have to turn their dreams into reality.