John Wick: Chapter 4 Has Fans Counting Down the Days till its Release

Mia Rendon, Staff Writer

The next movie in the John Wick franchise continues as the addition comes into theaters March 24, 2023 with John Wick: Chapter 4.

In 2014, the first John Wick movie, was one of the lowest budget movie to be produce an to become an action movie of all-time. The success of the first movie immediately spawned a sequel, which immensely exceeded expectations. The success of these movies can largely be attributed to the tight writing, phenomenal acting, and breathtaking action scenes. Although the plot is thin, John Wick excels in its action set pieces that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The film was something awesome for family and friends to watch together with gunfights and thrills.

Journalism teacher Mr. Zamora plans to watch the movie soon after it’s released at the theatres.

“I really enjoy the John Wick franchise,” Zamora said. “The action scenes are incredible and Keanu Reeves is an awesome actor.”