Local Spots Around Los Fresnos

Betty Guerrero, Staff Writer

As many of you may know, Los Fresnos is a small city, however, there are many exciting places and activities to find and visit that people may not know of.

Places in Los Fresnos more in the food category can include delicious cheesecake at Stephanie’s Cheesecakes, my favorite being their classic strawberry cheesecake. Perhaps you would like pizza for lunch and visit Pitti’s Pizza, or maybe something a little healthy and head down to Tropical Smoothie Cafe for a smoothie and a sandwich. I have visited all of these places to eat and they are not only very affordable, but they are very appetizing. 

If you are in the mood to visit the parks we have here in Los Fresnos to walk or run, I would have to recommend the Nature Park that was recently constructed right next to the Los Fresnos High School. My personal favorite park is the Los Fresnos Skate Park, they have a playground to entertain children, a baseball field for the little league players, picnic benches and open grassy areas that are perfect for a family picnic outing, and a library walking distance from the park you can check out. 

Los Fresnos  does not only have restaurants and parks to offer, we have a deep connection to our mostly Latino community and hold events related to that such as the rodeo parade, the rodeo and carnival, and Sombrero Fest. There is one more activity I would like to mention; local geocaching. Geocaching is the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by GPS coordinates posted on a website. The small hidden objects are scattered all throughout Los Fresnos, but my favorite place to search is Resaca De La Palma State Park in Brownsville. 

My favorite places in Los Fresnos that I go to regularly are Galarza’s Drive Inn for a quick breakfast taco before I go to school. After school is over, I usually go down the road to Stripes for a red cherry flavored slushie and a bag of chips, then my favorite place to finish up on some homework is the Los Fresnos County Park.