LFHS Community Excited for Super Bowl LVII

Elianne Tolosa, Staff Writer

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up in just a few days, and the Los Fresnos community is eagerly anticipating the game. This year’s contest is Super Bowl LVII, the 57th edition of the big game, and will take place on February 12 at 5:30 pm with the Kansas City Chiefs playing against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Many students and staff at Los Fresnos High School are full of excitement and predictions for the showdown.

“I think the Chiefs are going to get bodied,” senior Sam Anderson said.

Junior Eliud Gonzalez has a different view of the contest.

“The Chiefs are going to destroy the Eagles,” Gonzalez said.

Count Los Fresnos Principal Mr. Stumbaugh as a believer in Jalen Hurts and the Eagles’ second-ranked defense and third-ranked offense. 

“I think the Eagles will win,” Stumbaugh said. “I’m rooting for the Chiefs, but I think the Eagles will win.”

The Super Bowl is a bonding experience for many families around America to not only watch the game, but eat some delicious food.

“My family is going to buy fajita and sausage to cook out and watch the game,” senior Livan Lira said.

As a Cowboys fan, journalism teacher Mr. Zamora hopes the Chiefs win.

“I’ll watch the game with my family and we’ll order some pizza and wings,” Zamora said.

Despite the excitement of the game, some students are more excited about the halftime show featuring Rhianna.

“My dad and uncle set up a tv in our backyard and start a barbeque for the game, but honestly, I’m more excited for the halftime show,” senior Valerie Chapa said.

This year’s halftime performance is highly anticipated due to Rhianna’s seven-year hiatus, which has one of her fans hosting a Rhianna-themed party.

“I’m really excited for Rhianna’s halftime show,” senior Janisa Barboza said. “My friends and I are getting together and dressing up as different eras of Rhianna for the show.”