LFHS Audio/Video Class Teaches Life Lessons While Preparing Students for the Film Industry

Alexa Sanchez, Staff Writer

Los Fresnos High School features a class called Audio/Video Production, AV for short. In my time in this class, I found it to be a very rewarding and challenging class.

This class is a class that teaches about how the film industry works. Students get to learn how to use a real film camera, learn how to edit videos, learn how to work as a team, and get to use their creativity ideas on your projects. Then at the end of the class students will take a certification test on everything they learned in editing and if they pass they get certified for the Adobe Premiere Pro program that they use to edit all of the projects they film.

Overall this class is an amazing opportunity to learn a bunch of things that students can use in their future job if you want to become an actor, a director, editor, producer, new anchor, floor manager, or anything that has to do with the film industry.

“I am now in AV II and let me say this class has taught me so much, ” senior Ivan Montes said. “Not only did it make me want to learn more stuff, but I met an amazing group of people that I happily got to work with as a team and make really good films.”

Some projects that my class and I got to work on in AV were music videos, horror trailers, short films , trailers, and a recent film that I just did was about my high school experience. These are some projects that you get to work on while being in this class. We also used the amazing Premiere Pro program, and using this program made us feel like professionals since there are so many things you can learn from this program for editing your videos. 

“Some things that I found very interesting while editing were how we can change the aesthetics of the videos to our liking and how we can do so many effects that make it look so smooth.” said senior Javier Pena  “Learning how to edit makes your films ten times better because you are able to fix some mistakes that you made and you can add or erase things that you want or don’t want in.”

Another thing that I really liked about AV is how everyone works together as a team. Everyone has a job to do and everyone helps each other. Each person is able to give their own opinion and plan out ideas for their films. I was happy that the people I had in my class worked very well together, understood each other, and used all of our ideas to make one nice amazing film project.

“AV is about learning how the film industry works and to learn all the techniques for it, but above all the techniques that you need to learn about, you learn how to work as a team,” senior Angel Perez said. “And that it’s okay to make mistakes, just learn from them. “

Junior Valerie Saldana learned a lot about herself as a result of the class.

“I feel like this class really got me out of my comfort zone in a good way,” Saldana said. “I found out that I had many talents that I didn’t know I had.”