Staff Victorious in Annual Volleyball Game


Elianne Tolosa, Staff Writer

Los Fresnos High School’s annual Students vs Staff volleyball game was held on December 15th. The game was held by our junior class in order to raise funds for the junior class activities going on this year.

Roberta Torres, president of the junior class, was thrilled with how the game went.

“The students vs teachers volleyball game had a great turnout thanks to the efforts of all our sponsors, students, and coaches,” Torres said. “These types of activities benefit the junior class because they are fundraisers that are held at no cost; hence, there is maximum profit. Now, thanks to the game, we are one step closer to reaching our fundraising goal.”

This game was a great success with a high number of students participating. This game was an amazing way to show off the Los Fresnos school spirit.

“This benefits school spirit because teachers and students come together as the family that we are and show that at the end of the day, we can always have fun,” said Mr. Muniz, who played on the staff team.

Torres agreed and added that the spirit displayed showed everyone the true Falcon spirit.

“I think the game was a great way to increase school spirit, especially between the senior class,” Torres said. “I saw all seniors collaborating together to create the best team possible. Teammates worked together while their classmates cheered them on.”

The Staff team ended up winning continuing their winning streak. 

“They need to keep practicing! It was way too easy,” Muniz said.

Torres lamented the defeat and admitted the the staff were the better team.

“The game was very competitive, but it was quite obvious that the teachers were going to be the winners,” Torres said. “Coach Anissa Lucio was a retired college setter, so she definitely set the tone for the teacher’s side, alongside the athleticism of all our coaches and staff. It was a good run for the students, but the teachers remain undefeated.”

As for the junior class, some of their remaining fundraising plans include popcorn sales, chocolate sales, and Wing Barn tickets.