Falcons Reflect on fall Semester

Alexa Sanchez, Staff Writer

Happy New Year! With the new year being here and the start of the second semester, I thought I would take the time to ask some students here at Los Fresnos High School how their first semester went. I feel like it is good for me to ask my fellow classmates how they felt throughout the first semester and give them advice if they need it for the second semester. 

For instance my first semester went pretty good I would say, I liked all my teachers they were all so nice and understandable. I met new people who then became really good friends of mine. If I am being completely honest I would have loved to still be in those same classes with the same people this new semester. But so far I have liked my new semester classes while still getting used to them. I feel like asking my classmates how their first semester went is something good to do because you get an input on how they feel and see the school throughout that first semester.

First up was senior Ivan Montes, who thought he had a decent first semester.

“I would say my first semester could’ve gone better because honestly my classes were alright,” Montes said. “I could say that some of my teachers could have made some activities more fun, but it was mostly the activities they had for seniors that the school could have done better to make it more fun.”

Having this student input on how they felt throughout their first semester really interests me on how the school should ask the students what they would like to do. Make a list of things that the school could do for the seniors and with having the students input on what they like maybe that next time the students will like it more. I think that one of the reasons the seniors don’t find the activities fun is because the same things every year the school doesn’t change that much. If they would have changed it to something more fun maybe the students would have enjoyed their first senior semester more better. 

Senior Jaeda Sanchez had a great fall semester.

“I really enjoyed my first semester of senior year, I met new people that I wished I still had in my classes, ” Sanchez said. “I wish I could of kept some of my favorite classes in this second semester.”

I can understand how this student felt because I feel the same way. I liked how in the first semester I got really close to a bunch of new people. So I hope that this student and everyone else feels good about this new semester even though we don’t know anyone in our classes yet. It’s good that lots of people here at LFHS met new friends and that they felt comfortable in their classes and that most of their teachers were understandable and nice.

Senior Kassy Salas had a busy semester but it went well overall.

“Well I can say that my first semester was really stressful for me because I am in the MA program for medical and I was stressed most of the time to make sure I studied and understood everything to be ready for my certification exam,” Salas said. “But besides tha,t I can say that my first semester went pretty good.”

With this being said I can say that from the people I talked to about their first semester I can say that everyone’s first semester was different in good ways. Each of them felt different about their last year schedule. Everyone will not feel the same obviously  about the last semester but I thought that it was a good thing to ask and maybe it would benefit my fellow classmates being able to basically rant a little bit about their school life and say what they wanted to say without getting judged. I just hope that everyone has a good  second semester.