Falcons Begin Prepping for Black Friday Deals

Angelo Montoya, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving week is a few weeks away, and to many students around school, that means a few things. A week off of school, stuffing your face on Thanksgiving, and doing Black Friday shopping.

The day after Thanksgiving is referred to as Black Friday, and it is one of the busiest shopping days of the year as stores offer their best deals of the year to consumers hoping to get a head start on Christmas shopping. Some people will camp out for days in advance at stores such as Best Buy and Walmart because of the deals. In recent years, stores have been offering the same deals online, leading to many people preferring to do their Black Friday shopping at home away from the crowds.

This year’s popular items are expected to be TVs, computers, laptops, video games, gaming consoles, Apple products, and clothing.

“I’ll be going to Walmart or Best Buy for electronics, or to the outlets to buy gifts for friends,” Los Fresnos United teacher Maricela Carrizales said.

Senior Thomas Perez plans to brave the crowds in person on Black Friday.

“I’ll be going to Walmart, Best Buy, Vans, Kohl’s, and Academy,” Perez said. “I plan to buy a computer monitor, shoes, and video games.”

Los Fresnos United teacher Ana Aguilar plans to take advantage of the deals with some Christmas shopping.

“My husband and I are talking about getting a T.V.,” Aguilar said. “My son is eight months, my daughter is four, and my nephew is three, so I’ll buy toys for them for Christmas.”