Hocus Pocus 2 Falls Short of the Original

Mia Rendon, Staff Writer

After 29 years the Sanders sisters are back in the new Hocus Pocus 2 with the same determination to become young and live forever. What they don’t know is that they have come back to the 21st century. Winifred, Sarah, and Mary are three witches who were executed in 1963 in Salem and rained havoc on the citizens of Salem in the original Hocus Pocus movie in 1993. 

Spoilers Below:

The first movie was about a brother and sister relationship as in Hocus Pocus is about friendship. The movie starts off as an origin story of the three sisters in their teenage years and their lives in Salem. We see Winifred stomps around in a pilgrim village with red curly hair very angry. As the sisters are about to celebrate Winifred’s 16th birthday, Sarah were just not in the moos to give their older sister her birthday present. Later the clergy knocks on the door to tell Winifred she is ought to marry as she yells and screams the gods name in vain the clergy banishes the three sisters out of Salem. As the sisters run to the forbidden woods, they meet a witch who gives them a book of spells, the book with the moving eyeball from the first movie, as she sees them as witches and not children.

In the New Hocus Pocus 2 movie, we see Becca and Izzy getting prepared to celebrate Becca’s birthday on Halloween and to do their annual tradition. This year they will celebrate it without their friend Cassie, who has left the friend group because she has a boyfriend. As the two friends go visit their friend at the theater he gives them a party gift: a candle for the annual ceremony for Becca. As they light up the candle at the Salem forbidden woods, they have they have allowed the Sanders sister to return to steal children’s souls for them to live long and young.

Overall, the first version of the movie was better because the second movie is just a repeat of the first and with the same agenda of the witches. Both movies were interesting to watch but if I had to choose one, it would be the original.