LFHS College Center Plays Vital Role in Students’ Success

Thomas Perez, Staff Writer

With the fall semester reaching its midpoint, many Los Fresnos High School Seniors are applying to colleges.

One recurring issue when applying to college is the amount of paperwork and the respective labor it takes to fill out each document properly. Luckily, there are resources at Los Fresnos High School to give students the upper hand, the most important being the College Center.

Located in the library, the College Center assists students with any college related event that transpires within a student’s four years of High School. The most common assistance occurs with subjects like Advanced Placement college credit classes, college application assistance, and financial aid applications.

The College Center is run by Laura Trevino, and has been a focal point in many Seniors’ college lives. 

“Each year we assist on average, 800 seniors,” Trevino said.

The College Center not only provides students help with college applications, but scholarship applications. Any student can apply for a scholarship of their choosing and is always encouraged to apply.

“After we assist the student with their college application, it is highly recommended that they apply to their school’s respective scholarship program,” Trevino said. 

If  you have any questions regarding college and college credit, the College Center is open from 7:45 AM to 7:00 PM, and can be reached either in person in the library, by email or by calling their office number.