Annual Yearbook Portraits Scheduled for Next Week

Angelo Montoya, Staff Writer

Next week is one of the most anticipated weeks in the yearbook schedule as the annual yearbook portraits will be taken at Los Fresnos High School and Los Fresnos United.

Freshmen and sophomores will take their pictures on October 17 at the LFU library. Juniors and seniors will take theirs at the LFHS library, with the juniors set for October 18, and the seniors from October 19-21.

“The yearbook pictures are an essential part of the yearbook and I encourage all students to take their picture,” Yearbook teacher Mr. Zamora said.

Seniors will have to set an appointment online to get their picture taken. Tuxedos and drapes will be worn by seniors to get their picture taken, while the underclassmen will have their picture taken with the clothing they’re wearing to school that day.

“We did not use the tuxedo and drape for the senior pictures the last two years because of COVID-19,”  Zamora said. “I’m glad we will be returning to the traditional senior fomal photos this year.”

Seniors can sign up for their picture on the Trevino’s Digital website by visiting, then clicking on the campus appointment tab at the top, then entering the code Falcons23.