Homecoming Week Set for Next Week

Nataly Garcia, Staff Writer

Homecoming week is just around the corner, and while everyone is gearing up to see the big homecoming game versus the La Joya Coyotes, there is still much more to look forward to.

Monday, September 12 is Character Day. Dress as a character you love, hate, or are in between. Get creative with your looks, but please still be within the dress code. Some examples could be the Scooby Doo cast, Pink Ladies, Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princesses, superheroes, Monsters Inc., and so many more. 

Tuesday is Throwback. 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’, 90’s, you name it. From unlimited denim to leg warmers and neon, there are a number of styles to wear for that day. Dress a decade and dress it well. 

For Wednesday, you are twinning. Pick a partner or even a group to twin with. Whether it’s with a friend, friends, or a loved one, participate to show your unity. Some ideas are the basic Thing 1 & Thing 2, Tweetledee & Tweetledumb, Chip & Dale, Maple & Dipper Pines, Pink Ladies and others can just wear matching outfits. 

Thursday is Sombrero, which means bring your boots, belts, Mexican attire, and school spirit. I know a cowboy hat will ultimately make the look cooler, but we must abide by dress code so please don’t bring one.

Lastly, Friday is Spirit Day. Show off your school colors and wear maroon and gold to celebrate the pep rally and big homecoming game that day. Also for this day, you can decorate your very own spirit jeans, and seniors, make sure to be wearing your crowns!

Additionally, at the football game they will be announcing the homecoming court. The individuals on the ballot are alphabetically below. 

The court will be announced at the game, and the following day on Saturday, September 17, will be crowned at the Homecoming Dance. Tickets will be on sale starting at $15 for singles and $25 for couples. 



Kristen Cook

Emily Vargas 

Matthew Gomez

Jesus Monez


Jonathan Garcia

Jesus Vargas

Maria Fernanda Barrientos

Nia Gonzalez


Erik Burberg 

Stephen Brown 

Kathryn Franke 

Amber Salazar


Roberto De La Fuente 

Diego Garcia

Zeke Rios 

Angelina Carlos 

Soley Mendoza

Marla Salazar