New Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Excites Fans

Val Guerrero, Staff Writer

The new Sonic the Hedgehog movie has gotten many fans going crazy at how well the movie was written and how the characters were well represented. Many fans have loved the representation of Knuckles and how they really showed the character’s true characteristics. The animators of the movie did very well in recreating the characters into a much more realistic level. This movie is much loved to the point most Sonic fans have run to the theater more than once to rewatch the movie.

Many artistic fans have started making their own theories and interpretations of the third movie that is being created. They have drawn and made their own small animations of the upcoming character that will be appearing in the third movie, Shadow the Hedgehog. Many fans are hoping the movie will present the full story of Shadow and his past. They are even hoping Maria, a character vital for Shadow’s character development, will make an appearance in the third movie. They are fan favorites, after all. 

There is one thing fans are upset about, Jim Carrey retiring. Some do wish him a good retirement, but others are worried about who will act as Dr. Robotnik next. Jim played his role as the notorious Eggman very well and brought the character into life. Most question if there will even be a Dr. Robotnik in the next movie, and who exactly would replace his character. 

“I have a feeling that he loves Robotnik so much that I don’t think he’ll be able to walk away from him.” said producer Neal H. Mortiz. There’s a high chance that if Jim does go through with the retirement, it’ll provide an opportunity to feature a new Sonic villain, such as Shadow or Metal Sonic.

Director Jeff Fowler, who is a huge Sonic fan, shared his excitement with, saying, “I’m hesitant to go into too much detail, only because it’s obviously still very early. I will say that we are teasing a character that I’m incredibly excited about. It’s very personal to me as a fan.”

Since Shadow the Hedgehog is an obvious sign of appearing in the next movie, one of my wishes is that they base Shadow not only on the games, but on the comics too. Shadow’s personality and character is somewhat different compared to the games and comics. If they manage to do the character correctly, a lot of people will very much enjoy the third movie. Shadow is a difficult character to work with if you’re not very familiar with his story and lore, but as long as they get to learn about the character, there is a good chance Shadow will be written well for the third movie. 

 This movie has brought a huge rise of new fans and old fans back into this franchise. I know the directors will bring their all into making Sonic the Hedgehog 3. This will definitely bring in a huge wave of even more new fans and fanart of Sonic and the rest of the characters. I give luck to the directors, actors, 3D artists, and the rest of the crew helping in creating this next project.