The Impact of Technology on the Music Industry

Nathan Gonzalez, Staff Writer

The music industry has changed drastically throughout the recent year as a result of many factors such as technology and social media. This can be seen through the recent demand for artists. Nowadays, it is expected for popular artists to attend talk shows, award shows, and interviews to maintain their social status and success. Prior to the massive use of technology musical artists had very different ways of living their life and pursuing their passion. Before an artist such as Stevie Wonder could simply put out a song with small promotion on the radio and hope for the best sales. However, social media has changed this ideology and simplicity. There is now a demand for photos, outfits, and appearances for an album to be successful. 

This has resulted in a lack of privacy. Artists have a magnifying glass on them at all times waiting for them to say or do something controversial. This has caused some artists such as Frank Ocean, Lorde, Adele, Kendrick Lamar, Sza, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and Jay Z to go years without putting out songs and albums to avoid the heat. When they do put an album out they are often found in the public eye for a month before returning back to their hiatus. One prime example of this is Lauryn Hill who released one solo project in 1998, The miseducation of Lauryn Hill. 

Streaming platforms such as Spotify, apple music, amazon music, and youtube music have also affected music by decreasing the likely hood of an individual wishing to become a musician. It has also affected the quality of the music that is pushed out. Because of streaming platforms, the cost of purchasing a song has become very cheap. While this is good for consumers, musical artists receive less money from their work. This result in some artist pumping out music like there’s no tomorrow. The problem with this is that both the artists’ discography and their fanbase decrease. This mainly affects smaller artists, but some larger artists have experienced this such as Drake. Drake is perceived as outstanding as a result of prior albums such as If you’re reading this it’s too late, Views, and Take care. Drake started his career prior to the explosion that was streaming platforms, so many fans believe that he has fallen into the trap of mass-producing songs that aren’t as impactful as what he used to put out. While he may be breaking records and gaining new fans, he is also losing his legacy and the interest of old fans.