Dreaming Big

Cady Escobrar, Staff Writer

Setting your dream as one of your accomplishments results in a great motivation to strive through valleys you have never been before. As a student there are many obstacles that will confront you, and will make you want to turn around and not go through them. Despite the situation, these obstacles should motivate you to keep fighting because your dream is awaiting you on the other side. There may be obstacles in your life such as giving up way too early, problems due to their culture/ethnicity, and other people in their life telling you to give up.

“No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid,” -actress Lupita Nyong’o.

For many students the state that they are currently in or their ethnicity that they are in becomes a problem when trying to achieve their dreams. There are many people who discriminate, however people who can’t get out of that mindset are the ones living their life to the least. Edil, a sixth grader who moved from Honduras, struggles with English, but tries his best to get good grades to make his parents proud. “It is a struggle to communicate with my classmates, I have been made fun of before. I won’t let that affect me because their opinions won’t lead me to success.” Even though there might be people who judge you, that should not define you because they are not the ones going through the struggle to finally see the light of success.  

“Your dream is not an expiration date.” Many students tend to give up their dream because they think, ‘I need to accomplish it now, it is now’; however a satisfactory dream is not achieved by putting in all the effort all at once, getting what you want in life takes time. Think of it as if one day you will attain that goal without worrying about tomorrow, tomorrow can worry about itself what matters is the present.

Rachell, a sophomore, told me about a time she tried to ace the STAAR test by studying it all in one day. However, she regrets not studying the whole two months she was told to study, which caused her to get a seventy on her test. “After that test, I regretted my actions, yet took into consideration that in order to get a better grade I should have taken my time to study.” This clearly shows that if you want your goals/dreams accomplished right away it will most likely not work out, you should take it day by day doing the best and most that you can. 

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with dreams is more powerful than the person with facts,” said Albert Einstein.

There might be people who doubt your dream because it might seem like a goal that you might never achieve. That means that people will try to convince you that you will not reach your goals, so prove them wrong by not giving up.

Mariela Hercules, a recent graduate of Los Fresnos High School, has a struggle speaking due to her condition in her trachea. Due to her condition, she had a hard time pronouncing words and it was hard for her to communicate with her classmates and teachers.

“It was a struggle, there were people who would tell me I would not get anywhere with my voice,” she said.

This example clearly shows that people around you will not believe that you can get to that dream, but you can show them a different perspective. Those doubtful people might see you achieve your dreams, doing what you were destined to do.