Local Hidden Gems Near Los Fresnos


Nataly Garcia, Staff Writer

Depending on the time of year, people begin to look for places they can spend their time. Whether going by themselves or with others to hangout or eat, the place they choose to go could create a great atmosphere and cause the individuals who went to eventually come back. However, some people here at LF may not know where to go. They may not realize the neat shops and food establishments that are just miles away. Here are a few recommendations for places you may want to consider going to this upcoming springtime.

For my assignment, I wanted to try to find unknown places most of you may not have seen or heard of. But I didn’t want to just write this piece based on the viewpoints and encounters that others went through. No, I wanted to write about these places from my experience and my thoughts.

Unruly Cactus 

When first starting this assignment, I researched online the best places where there would be a measure of proximity and comfort while being a good place to go. The first thing that popped up was The Unruly Cactus. Never hearing of it before, I figured it was likely I should take a look and see what was there. 

Located in Port Isabel, it is by far the cutest place there is. With a mixture of welcome, warmth, and a particular charm, The Unruly Cactus provides people with the ability to enjoy the good books there are to offer as well as marvel at all there is to see locally. 

In addition to books, The Unruly Cactus has items for those who appreciate art of all kinds. Around the place, there are numerous paintings, with jewelry and other creations made by local artists. In the corner of the room, there is also a little coffee shop which offers beverages such as expressos, tea, and lattes while containing features of the day. The day I went, the feature was a Matcha Lavender Latte. 

Lola’s Bistro

Visiting this place with a friend, Lola’s Bistro is the place to go for an enjoyable time in a bright-relaxing atmosphere. Outdoor dining area provides tables with a view of the Town Resaca, and Lola’s Bistro gives family and friends a chance to spend time together, talk, and enjoy the good food. 

Right before closing time, we were able to get a table and within 10 minutes, our food came out. The Banana &  Dulce De Leche, which is a large waffle with bananas on top, was just the thing to eat on a Sunday afternoon. But they don’t just have that option. Ranging from brunch options of avocado toast and eggs benedict to lunch options of salad, sandwiches, and even steak. Lola’s Bistro has all there is to offer and more. 

At the time that I went, it was incredibly windy and we were outside, so my suggestion for you if you’d like to sit outside is to go at a time where there isn’t much wind. Additionally, the outdoor dining area has installed fans, so if you’re worried about the weather on a hot, sunny day, you don’t have to be. 

Nerve Coffee

The word I would use to describe this place is minimalistic. Nerve Coffee is a small coffee shop located in the North Park Plaza in Brownsville, Texas. 

The place itself is simple, leaving only a few couches, lounge chairs, and wooden counters for customers to relax, read, chat with others, or have a chance to use their devices . What’s different about these furniture options is the height. Contrary to other coffee shops, this one has the legs of the furniture shorter, adding to the minimalist appeal. 

Nerve Coffee offers caffeinated drinks served like lattes, cappuccinos, cold brews, and macchiatos, and  if you aren’t a big coffee drinker, there are non-caffeinated alternatives, including hot chocolate, matcha, and loose leaf tea. 

Moreover, there is a small bakery in the space that contains good choices of pastries. When I went with a friend, she made the choice of getting the Wild Berries Poptart created by Canela Kitchen.


Overall, I would say these three hidden gems are great choices to work, dine, or spend your time taking in all the beautiful local works. If you’re looking for new options to try out this spring, then I would recommend you give them a try.