Think Twice Before Spreading Rumors

Cady Escobrar, Staff Writer

Never judge someone’s character based on the words of another. Instead, study the motives behind the words of the person casting the bad judgment- Philosopher and writer, Suzy Kassem.

High School life is often filled with rumors and gossip. You might not know the person being talked badly of, however, we tend to believe these rumors because a great number of people believe it is truly convincing. At first spreading rumors might make a person who is filled with hatred proud of themselves and their evil deeds, but the consequences after make them feel guilty and ashamed. 

Throwing dirt on someone’s name is bad because it affects the way other people see you and treat you. Once people realize that all the rumors were false, they will stop trusting you with things and will try to not hang out around you. Many believe that hanging out with people who talk badly about others makes their image look bad, so they avoid that type of interaction. Walking out in the hallways in school might start to be creepy. You might start to hear your name being whispered by people who know that you like to talk rudely about a person. No one wants to be talked about or be put down by people with false words, so it is better to stay out of drama and speak kindly of others. 

Another reason why talking bad about a person is negative is that the person being talked down on might start feeling sad and lonely. When I was in elementary, I was fairly happy with the friends I had, I never had a problem with anyone. Always got along with my friends, and I was really smart. However, one day, I came to class and sat in my seat and noticed my “friends” laughing at me. Every day, they would talk about me. It made me feel sad and uncared for. Yet, I acted as I did not know. I now realize that even your closest friends are the people who bring you down, especially when they see you are at your happiest. People being talked badly on develop trust issues, and start to believe that it is better to just stay on their own.

Do not join in if you hear someone start talking bad about another person, especially if you do not know anything about them because there are a lot of people who like spreading rumors just to start drama. My brother, who is an eighth-grader, told me about this guy who talked bad about him for no reason. He did not even know the guy, but that just shows that people are full of hatred and have nothing else better to do.

“It honestly did not bother me at all because I do not have time to worry about people who just run their mouth,” he said.

Those types of people have nothing interesting to talk about themselves, so they invest in the life of the one around them.

In conclusion, spreading rumors can affect you and others around you. We should set a good example and treat others the way we want to be treated. Nobody wants to be talked about badly, we all want to set a good image for people, so when you hear the phrase “I heard” it is better to not get involved.