NFL Regular Season Comes Down to the Wire

Joseph Aguilar, Staff Writer

The 2021-2022 National Football League season has been one of the most memorable seasons in recent memory. There have been many ups and downs,  some teams with high hopes that aren’t living up to the expectations and some teams that are playing a good underdog story. 

The NFC so far has been a wonderful, chaotic mess. The conference’s top level is around as efficient as it comes: five teams with at least 10 wins, counting the four division leaders (Cowboys, Packers, Buccaneers and Cardinals) and the 10-4 Rams, who have a clear way to wrapping up no lower than fifth seed the conference. Each of those five teams will enter Week 15 with at least a 95% chance of making it to the postseason, according to ESPN’s Football Control Record (FPI).

Seven teams from each conference will make the playoffs, the four division winners and three wild card teams. There are at least seven NFC teams with at least six wins. The Falcons are 6-8, Washington and the Eagles are 6-7, the Saints and Vikings are 7-7, the 49ers are 8-6 and the aforementioned Rams are 10-4. The playoff picture will get clearer in the weeks ahead as there are seven head-to-head matchups between these teams coming over the next five weeks.

In the AFC, the Chiefs have won seven games in a row to take over the #1 seed from the Patriots, who lost last weekend to drop to 9-5.  The Patriots and Bills have a huge head-to-head matchup this weekend against the Bills, with the winner poised to take control of the AFC East. The AFC North is up for grabs, with every team at .500 or better. That division will go down to week 18. The Titans are one game ahead of the colts in the AFC South, as that division also looks poised to go down to the final week.

The last few weeks should be must-watch television. Enjoy your Christmas breaks and see what unfolds over the next three weeks.