Texas’ Lack of Mask Mandate Leaves Citizens to Make Personal Choices

Jayden Rivas, Staff Writer

Texas has been a controversial state in terms of how it has been handling the COVID-19 pandemic. People have criticized their lack of urgency for the situation, saying they have been too lax with their restrictions.

Everyone has their own opinion on the current mask situation in the Lone Star State but Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, signed an executive order that disallowed any jurisdiction to wear  a face covering. Essentially as of March 10th 2021, no authority can mandate that a person or persons have to wear a face mask/covering.

After this was enacted, schools, stores, major businesses, and restaurants were hit the hardest by this new order. They were stripped of their ability to enforce what many of them thought was an executive order that promoted safety. In this previous order all citizens of Texas were required to wear a  face covering when out. Now institutions such as schools are “recommending” that their patrons wear a mask in order to establish some sort of safety precautions.

Additionally, certain health concerning measures such as social distancing and plentiful hand sanitizing stations are still present, but not as heavily enforced as they were at the height of the pandemic.

Texas resident Cindy Rivas is still exercising caution despite Abbott’s ruling.

“My family and I wear our masks to keep us safe as well as our community and family members,” Rivas said.