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How This Summer Will Be Different

June 9, 2021

How This Past Year Changed Things

Over the past year, many things have changed. Fewer people are out and restrictions are put into place to limit the number of people in certain areas, and to limit the exposure people might get from the coronavirus. Last summer, was the first of many things. Many people were not allowed to travel outside their country and not allowed to go out and do things like they use to. Such as go to the beach, travel the country, try new restaurants and many more. It brings into question how different this summer will be because of Corona.

This Summer

Differences this summer are very noticeable. As per the CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated people no longer have to wear masks. Most places are up to 100% capacity allowing more people to eat, shop, and explore. This summer will be different because people are finally allowed to go out and do things this summer. After all, summer is the time for relaxation and change.

What Are Some Things You Can Do That You Could Not Do Last Year?

This summer, you are now allowed to travel outside the country as long as you are vaccinated or have tested negative for the coronavirus. This means many more people are going to be traveling across the world. Boosting tourism in countries that suffered due to the pandemic. Traveling is such an exciting part of summer, and many people were very sad last summer when they had to put their vacations on pause for their safety and the safety of others.

New Activities Locally

In the Rio Grande Valley, there are many new activities to do and try this summer. Every day new restaurants, stores, and activities are discovered. This summer I know many more new things will be tried because more and more people are curious about what the RGV offers. But remember to stay safe and stay updated with the CDC guidelines.


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