Labor Decreases Due to Pandemic

Gema Jimenez, Staff Writer

Labor has been decreasing in many states throughout the United States due to the pandemic that has spread around the world.

The employment to population ratio represents the proportion of how many jobs or employment opportunities are available. In 2020, the U.S. employment rate stood at 56.8 percent. Due to people getting scared because of the pandemic the employment rate decreased about 14.7 percent.

In the news it states how business owners are having a difficult time looking for drivers. The pandemic has caused people to retire early because they are stressed about getting coronavirus that they decided not to go back to work. This has affected different areas in our economy and has also caused problems with gasoline distribution around the nation due to a lack of truck drivers and company employees.

Our country and people around the world have struggled but we need to all help each other out and move forward. People are encouraged to continue following the CDC guidelines.

The states that have been affected the most are: Hawaii with a 9.0 rate, New York with a rate of 8.5, California, Connecticut, and New Mexico with a rate of 8.3 Nevada with a rate of 8.1