The Falcon and the Winter Solider

Francisco Leal, Staff Writer

The demand for new original content from Disney plus users has been met with shows from one of the most well-known cinematic universes which is Marvel. With one of their most popular Shows at the moment being the falcon and the Winter Soldier, the show has been met with a great response from its audience due to the heavy topics they address as well as their action-packed scenes. This show is something completely new for Marvel due to how many real-world problems they address such as modern racism and all the microaggressions African Americans have to deal with on an everyday basis.

The show Follows the superhero the Falcon on his journey of taking up the Captain American mantle with his friend the winter soldier. Thanks to shows like these Disney plus has become one of the most popular streaming services overnight, this is all due to the fact that each Marvel tv show isn’t just entertaining but will also impact the cinematic universe greatly. Which entices many to watch due to their excitement on what will happen next in the universe after the events of Endgame.