Breaking Bad Habits

Anna Martinez, Editor

What Is a Bad Habit?

Almost everyone has bad habits that they would like to break, but if you have ever tried you know it is much easier said than done. Biting your nails, spending money at unnecessary times, and eating fast food often are all examples of bad habits. Whether we would like to admit it or not, we all have some sort of bad habit. It is more common than people think.

Negatives of Bad Habits

Some negative things about bad habits are that they can hurt you in the long run. They can affect your mental and physical health, your dedication and responsibility, and even your relationships with other people. Although some bad habits aren’t as severe, some can result in your death. Smoking and vaping are both bad habits that can have deadly effects on the human body. They can cause you to get several harmful diseases such as lung cancer and liver disease.

Putting a Stop To Bad Habits

To stop a bad habit, you must prepare yourself mentally and physically for the toll it can take. Your body has already adjusted to this habit so breaking it will not always be easy. The best thing to do is to research what you should purchase and what you should do to stop these habits. From there you can make more educated decisions. Depending on your bad habit, there are many things you can purchase to help you stop. For example, biting nails. You can purchase biting nails, nail polish which makes your nails taste horrible. Stopping you from putting them in your mouth. Besides you purchasing items to help you stop there can also be a number of things, you can also do. You can get a family member or friend to help you by holding you accountable for messing up.

Holding Yourself Accountable

Although it will be difficult in the beginning it is important to never give up. Holding yourself accountable can be by doing many things. Putting a dollar in a jar when you mess up, to reading for 10 minutes for every mess up. You can choose how you want to hold yourself accountable. Breaking Bad Habits is a very long process. It is unrealistic to expect changes overnights. Just know with hard work and dedication you can break these habits promptly. It is important to remember to not be too hard on yourself. You have to have faith and dedication that you will break this bad habit.