Preparing For Senior Year

Alexus Hernandez, Staff Writer

Senior year is creeping up on the juniors and they need to save themselves the stress of having loads of things to deal with during senior year. There are a couple of things students may want to do to get ahead or continue to do, for example keeping good grades and staying on top of application deadlines, or working on financial aid. The following tips will hopefully give you a little help to get organized.

Create a list of colleges you would like to attend: Start looking for colleges you are interested in and do research on them to make sure you actually want to attend there. It is important to have a list of at least ten colleges you are interested in before the end of July which is when Juniors will begin to apply to colleges.

Study for SATs and ACTs: The SAT is an important test that colleges look at to get an idea of the college readiness of each student. While the ACT is a college entrance test that most colleges use to determine the entry of the student to the school they applied to. So it is crucial to start studying for those upcoming tests.

Focus on Grades:┬áKeep your grades up and continue to do your work. Your grades are so important, colleges will be looking at your grades from Freshman year through Junior year. They will also be looking at your class rank and your GPA, so don’t slack off and keep those grades up.

Apply for scholarships: Start looking for scholarships and apply for them! Scholarships and any financial assistance will be so much help when going into college. Scholarships will help pay for some expenses and help you focus more on your college education rather than financial problems. Apply for any scholarship because there are a lot of opportunities to get free money for school.

Work on college essays and college resumes: Start writing your college essays and make sure a teacher proofreads them and gives you feedback if needed. Also, create a college resume if you haven’t already and start filling it out. It is also important to start getting volunteer hours to help boost your resume and play an active role in the community.

Take these tips into consideration and get started to have yourself a more relaxed senior year rather than a stressful and hectic one. Think of your future and take action.