Reality Of Going Back To School

Gema Jimenez, Staff Writer

On April 12 students are going back to school, but how will they feel about stepping foot on campus during a pandemic?

In LFU there are some students that think that going back to school is going to feel weird and awkward at first. Many people haven’t been socializing like before the pandemic. Most students want to go to school to see their friends and are excited to socialize with them.

However there are also other students who want to stay home because they think they can handle the workload, have the discipline to attend classes, and they feel more organized. Other kids think it’s better not to go back to school at this moment. Some of that uncertainty comes from some people not being vaccinated yet. 

We asked a sophomore and she said that she feels that going back to school in person would not benefit her because she has been doing well in all her classes this school year. The only thing that she would benefit from going back to school, is that it would help her get used to socializing with people again. Most importantly she feels that if she goes back to school, she would be excited to finally see her friends again.

Some students say that maybe next year or the following year they might feel safer and comfortable about going back to school. People from the United States and different countries are finally getting vaccinated for Covid-19.

As a community we are slowly recovering from this pandemic and we can see that sooner rather than later we are going back to school full time. There are about 80% of K-12 teachers and school staff that have already been vaccinated against Covid-19. In the meantime we need to stay positive, follow all CDC guidelines, and keep washing our hands so that we can go back to school and return to bit of normalcy.