Gaby’s World Film Production

Gabriela Alarcon, Staff writer

My name is Gabriela Alarcon and I have a Filming and Editing Business where I make commercials for local businesses. During quarantine, I had a lot of free time and I found myself watching videos of  how to edit and film. My Family and I have a restaurant “Parra’s Tamales”, and my parents asked me to make them a 60 second video commercial to advertise. I posted the video all over social media. Many people with local businesses contacted me and asked if I could make them a video as well. Since I’m a sophomore in high school, I need to start making money to save up for college.

Owners of local businesses lost money due to Covid. Once businesses started opening up, these shops  needed to advertise and I was there to help make that happen. I thought to myself, this can be a great thing for the community and can help me as well. That’s when I announced that I will be starting a commercial business.

Although I have a great time making commercials, I’ve always pictured myself on the big screen. When I was younger I asked my mom “What should I be when I grow up?”, my mom responded that I should be an actress. I was only 9 and I thought that would be an amazing job to have. It got me very excited, so I got more involved in theatre. Now that I have a production business, I  have the chance to put myself out there.

I already knew how to edit, all I had to do is write a story on what the video will be about. My first video was a music video. It was about a girl having a dream. In the dream, she is with her love and is happy but little does she know her dream turns into nightmare. I have made several other videos, and hope that one day I will grow my business as an influencer on social media and as an actress.