One Year Later

Francisco Leal, Staff Writer

A little over a year ago our lives changed drastically to try and stay safe during a global pandemic. Things that we used to do every day before the pandemic could now be considered dangerous and putting your life at risk. However, now that a year has passed our new way of living is becoming more and more mundane every day. Nowadays it is totally normal for an entire family to stay home all day and attend school and work through the computer.

However, these changes have taken a toll on many financially and emotionally this past year. Many businesses that were successful before covid, have gone bankrupt and out of business due to the fact they couldn’t adapt to our new world. And on the other hand, many people are still having trouble adapting to the lack of human interaction. Many students and adults are developing depression and anxiety due to only being able to see people through a phone screen. The evidence of this can be seen in students’ grades and people’s job performance with many of them falling behind on their workload due to how unmotivated they have become.

While this past year has had many down we can’t forget the positives that come along such as many families spending more time together than ever before. Having the opportunity to have quality time to spend with our family has really put into perspective what our priorities should be.