Going Back To School

Kayla Cantu, Staff Writer

The Los Fresnos Independent Consolidated School District has announced that students will go back to school full time, on April 12. Just like me there are student, teachers, and parents who have mixed feelings about it. Many are concerned about their health and the health of their loved ones or just have some personal issues that may be affected. Although I’ve been affected by COVID and scared, I know our school districts biggest concern and priority is all of our safety and our health.

Most of us have been isolated and have only mostly been in doors so we got used to not interacting with others, and I think going to school will be the first step into normalcy again. This time we will be 3 feet apart from students and teachers but either way it’ll be easier to interact with peers. It’s also a chance to get out of your comfort zone and reconnect with everyone.

Yes, this is a very scary and unexpecting step and decision but luckily we have teachers and friends that can help us feel more comfortable and ready to finish the year safe and strong.