The 2020 Quarantine

Due to people having more time to think about their lives during quarantine, many people discovered new hobbies, new ideas, and even new things about themselves. 


During this quarantine, people have picked up new hobbies. Those with outdoor activities had to find something else to do. Due to the huge amount of new and exciting games,  most people have found comfort in these games. Others may have found out about old games such as Devil May Cry or Resident Evil and have caught wind in the new installments of their series. A few people have even picked up trying to learn a new instrument. 


Some people had to be quarantined alone left with no one but their thoughts. So to solve this problem, many people had adopted some sort of pet to keep them company. Due to the huge amount of pets being adopted, animal shelters had run out of dogs to be adopted. In fact, in 2020 alone, 56,000 more pets were adopted than in the previous year. Furthermore, a rescue group 4 Paws 4 Life in Colorado had almost doubled in the first eight months of last year compared with the year earlier. To add to this, Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions in Nevada, 488 cats were adopted in the first eight months of 2020, compared with 200 during that same time in 2019.


This quarantine period had also given others to think more about themselves, more importantly about their sexuality or gender identity. Since people were more isolated, it gave them more time to think and explore their own minds. Some people might’ve had he/him pronouns but switched to she/they or they/them pronouns. Others may have become transgender or non-binary. They may have also been questioning their sexuality but had their mind solidified during this lockdown.