Differences In The Inauguration

Daniel Torres, Staff Writer

It is January 20th, the day has come for President-elect Joe Biden to be sworn into office at the United States Capitol.

Typically this event spans 10 days with balls and ceremonies beginning 5 days before and after the inauguration, big celebrations to welcome our new president to office, however because of the pandemic things are different this year. Let’s start with the beginning of the ceremony, typically the president-elect would arrive at the White House with the outgoing president and travel to the capitol, however, 45th president Donald Trump skipped this sacred and traditional transition of power and has become the 3rd president to skip the ceremony of their successor. Many other differences took place because of COVID-19. Along with our 45th president’s absence, the ginormous crowd of supporters were congregating at home to watch the inauguration virtually and the performances that took place afterwards.

Inauguration day is used by president elects to present their vision of America and set some goal. This Inauguration, President Joe Biden spoke about how he pleaded for national unity. Some appearances and performances that took place include the following “The Star-Spangled Banner” sung by Lady Gaga, “This Land is Your Land” transitioning into “America the Beautiful” sung by Jennifer Lopez, “Amazing Grace” sung by Garth Brooks, and Bernie Sanders wearing mittens.

Hopefully, during Joe Biden’s term, he gets to achieve his goals set for the United States.