The Big Switch

Nyssa Valdez, Staff Writer

In the modern-day now, everyone is used to opening up their devices and immediately starting their work online. Whether it is to order food, attend meetings, or work from home technology has become almost a necessity in everyone’s lives. 

Technology has become a part of our daily lives whether it’s because you need to attend business meetings, order groceries, attend classes, or even just see a loved one. With everyone needing to stay inside their homes, technology is the only source of communication that a person is depending on. With everything moving to be available online it would mean great business and function within life that is just overall easier for every person familiar with working online. However, there will always be a great struggle getting everyone on the same page and being able to afford the technology firstly. We won’t ever get to a point of having everything digitally but there will be technological advances that make life easier for some. Depending on the person’s lifestyle it could go either way.

However, not everything is that bad because there are good things that are coming out of switching online. Because it is easy to assume it’s going to be a while until things fully go back to normal we as a society are taking advantage of working hard to rapidly grow for easier management online. It shows us being able to adapt and adjust perfectly to where we are going to move forward greatly even with an impactful setback. We are fixing things online that help have documents processed easily and have a good organization in a timely manner that doesn’t take hours of self-work. You can be comfortable wherever you wish inside your home and work properly to get your work done without any stress. When the pandemic first started everyone remembers when there was a small depression because of the population that lost their job. However, things started to look up when many new opportunities started to pop up online. Many major businesses started to follow the switch as well that offered people access to the items that they needed without having to leave their homes. Not only were services providing helpful acts of kindness but many also took the chance to start up their own business and now are making up for the losses that occurred at the start.

However, for the people that are unable to afford devices and fast Wi-Fi, everything moving online would be a huge problem because they don’t have the ability to get what they need. Not only will they suffer more from being unable to communicate with people, but they can also easily lose their jobs, get behind in school, and lose overall a sociable life. Although the community has come together and offered to install hotspots sponsored by the school, it would not be enough to depend on freely. Staying connected right now is one factor that is most important during this time but once we see peace again after the pandemic it would not be needed as much. People would most likely have higher active percentages of leaving their house and going to the store other than ordering because of the stay at home orders that they had to endure before. People will be more appreciative of being able to leave their house. 

Whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert they will always desire a bit of presence from another being. It could be from an animal but nothing is better than hearing a voice from someone else thinking their own thoughts and expressing what their mind is processing. Whether you are rich or poor, staying on the internet and in solitude inside your home is never a good thing. We might never have our futuristic dreams of never having to raise a finger, but we will now be more appreciative of the outside world after this pandemic. As a human being, you need other human interaction.