Relieve your stress

Faith Guzman, Staff Writer

Many people all over the world experience stress in many different ways, many people just deal with it and let it be, but what if you knew there are ways that you can reduce your stress?

Everyone has gone through stress in their lives from trying to turn in a paper on time, to trying to figure out what coffee creamer your boss prefers. Stress is a normal thing and can be easily treated if you do it on time. Getting regular exercise is an example of a way to reduce stress. Just taking a 30, minute walk or jog can help clear your mind over what it’s so stressed about. Some benefits that come from exercising to relieve stress are that it can boost your mood very easily and in the end, you can stay in shape and healthy. If you’re not really that fond of exercising like myself, you can try a relaxing activity. From reading a book to painting a picture, you could feel calm and it could help distract you from any problems you are facing. Some things you could also try are exploring relaxation programs, which can involve breathing exercises and meditation.

If any of the things at the top did not work, you could consider seeing and asking for professional help. If being stressed leads to something bigger, it is important to seek professional help immediately. Do not worry you will never be judged, and getting stressed is an everyday thing, but it is important to know how to give yourself breaks.