Building Good Habits

Sherlyn Cortez, Staff Writer

Habits play a huge role in someone’s life, they are the small decisions you make and perform in your everyday life. Almost everyone wants to change for the better especially with the year beginning but to do that you need to begin by breaking your bad habits to make good ones. Building good habits is a really important thing to do that can potentially affect a person’s life for the better. Research shows the actions you repeatedly do forms into habits that portray your personality and that can transform your life.

To start breaking the bad habits you need to stay away from environments that can trigger you into making bad ones. You’ll also need to change your negative mindset into a positive one that will help you make good choices. I know it may not be easy but you have to keep in mind forming a new habit does take time and commitment, so don’t ever feel discouraged if it takes longer than you might expect.  It will help a lot if you set better goals and have a good reason to quit. In other words, set a goal that will help you visualize more on how you can implement a habit (like instead of eating spicy chips, I will eat pretzels and apples instead) into your routine and examine how you have responded to the situation. This can help determine what you can do to avoid eating hot chips and to eating a healthier option. Doing this repeatedly may be all it takes to break the bad habit of yours and turn it into a good one. Whenever you feel like quitting and going back to your old habits, think of why you started to transform into doing something better and compare it to the reason you want to quit. I can assume that the reason for you beginning to building good habits is a much better reason than giving up.

At the end of the day, it all will be worth it in the end and you can reward yourself through the progress. Overcoming the challenge itself is the best reward you can receive.